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Some of the world’s greatest problems could be solved if society just had a greater sense of commitment. We don’t always need miracle solutions; sometimes we just need people to do what they said they were going to do. People quickly snap to the judgment that the solution to our social problems is some technology, education, funding or policy change. But, none of these things can reach their true potential without committed people behind them.

Making an Impact through Programs

1. Character Education in Schools
Learning English, Math and Science is incredibly important. But, if we are not educating the next generation to be decent human beings to one another, then what’s the point of it all? Because I said I would makes an impact with students in schools in 3 ways.

1. Because I said I would School Assemblies.
During the school assembly, we share stories of personal accountability from around the world. These stories encourage students to really think about the words they say and the promises they make – inspiring them to make and keep promises to better themselves, their school or their community. Because I said I would has engaged over 100,000 students across the country through school assemblies.

2. Free Classroom Resources for Educators.
Assemblies are a first step to engaging youth. But how do we continue the momentum and energy of an assembly to really make an impact? The average teacher spends $500 out of pocket on classroom needs – We’ve helped over 300 schools by providing them with FREE resources. We enable educators to continue the practice of personal accountability beyond our assemblies through the use of our lesson plans, teacher kits and video series.

3. Student Clubs.
The future of because I said I would includes clubs in schools. Clubs will be developed in school systems in communities where because I said I would chapters exist. Adult chapter members will serve as role models and leaders to school clubs. School clubs will provide opportunities for service learning, personal development and volunteerism through the practice of personal accountability.

Character education in schools has been shown to:

  • Reduce self-harm and address teen suicide
  • Increase volunteerism
  • Decrease bullying
  • Provide a platform and support for positive activities
  • Greater commitment to academics

Learn more about Character Education.

2. Because I said I would Chapters
Not everyone has a support system, role models or a place to turn to learn how to make a difference in society. Chapters are because I said I would’s response to the overwhelming request from around the world to provide structure, tools and resources to individuals and communities, enabling people to activate the power of promise at home, school or work.

Volunteer chapters across the US work together as a support group helping each other fulfill individual promises (the things they want to see improved) and fulfilling group promises to the community and other nonprofit organizations. Members meet monthly to learn tips and tricks that can help them get better with commitment. They learn and practice critical skills that can result in promises kept. Members learn skills that transfer over into all aspects of their lives.

Because I said I would chapters have:

  • Increased volunteerism in communities
  • Provided support for promises to improve health
  • Strengthened family relationships
  • Provided a place to go to socialize and be with people who want to make a positive difference in society

Because I said I would has launched 5 Chapters with a combined membership of over 300 members in Cleveland, Akron and Columbus, Ohio; Denver, Colorado and Long Island, New York. They have made promises to support refugee families, clean up hundreds of pounds of trash, pack medical supplies, register for the National Bone Marrow Registry, provide dinner for grieving children and other important causes.

Chapter members are leaders in the community who do what they say they are going to.

Learn more about Chapters.

3. Awareness Campaigns
Awareness campaigns tell the stories of promises made and kept as a means to bettering oneself, one’s family, the community, a social cause or the world.

Because I said I would campaigns have:

  • Inspired others to make and keep their own promises to do good
  • Provided support to other nonprofits working towards a specific cause
  • Produced content as a resource to anyone who is striving to find a way to contribute to society

Such was the case with Matthew Cordle, who as a drunk driver, killed a man in a car crash. His promise video acted as his confession. He took personal responsibility for killing a person and is providing a lesson learned: a blueprint for what NOT to do. The video has been featured on such shows as Good Morning America, the TODAY show, CNN and MSNBC. It was also showcased on BuzzFeed’s list of Most Viral Videos of 2013. His story surpassed 100 million media impressions.

Similarly, Garth Callaghan’s promise to write 826 napkin notes for his daughter received 3 million views in 3 days. His story has been shared on the TODAY Show, The Rachel Ray Show and others. Garth’s message inspires parents to connect with their children.

Watch our Videos or click on the images below to read about that story.

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4. Promise Cards
Built on the foundation of encouraging positive change and acts of kindness, because I said I would sends out ten promise cards to anywhere in the world for free. People use these cards to remember the importance of their word, for promises both big and small. With the assistance of our volunteers, because I said I would fulfills promise card requests out of our Cleveland, Ohio, office. Thanks to hundreds of volunteer hours, over 6.64 million promise cards have been sent to over 153 countries.

Learn more about Promise Cards.

5. Charitable Projects
Because I said I would executes charitable projects that inspire others to make promises that better humanity. Projects have helped the victims of Hurricane Sandy, sent children with cancer to Disneyland, supported doctors fighting Ebola and cleaned up after riots in Ferguson, MO.

Learn more about Our Projects.

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