What are promise cards?

Promise cards help you remember the importance of your commitments and goals. They were handed out for the first time at our Founder’s, Alex Sheen, father’s funeral. He was good with his promises. Since then, promise cards have been offered through this website at no cost.  We have sent over 8.42 million promise cards to over 153 different countries, by request only. Click the buttons below to get 10 cards by mail at no cost or print them locally!

Because I said I would is a social movement and nonprofit organization dedicated to bettering humanity through promises made and kept. People use promise cards to remember the importance of their word, for promises both big and small. It might just seem like a piece of paper, but promise cards have motivated people to stick with their commitments to better humanity. A heroin addict’s promise to stay in rehab. A young girl’s promise to stop cutting herself. Or a simple promise to volunteer at the local food bank. Watch our TED Talks for examples.

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How to use a promise card:

promise instructions

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The Calendar

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