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Because I said I would is now offering leadership workshops at select events, called “The Life of a Promise.”

Alex’s keynote presentation is incredibly inspiring, motivating people to be a person of their word and to give back their community after the speech.

But then we often go about our daily routines and don’t quite change our behavior just from hearing a speech. Now Alex is now offering a workshop to help bridge the gap from hearing a speech to putting the message into action.

Through this experience, hope becomes determination, self-reflection becomes a promise. But commitment is complex. Alex will take individuals into a deeper dive into how to amplify change; how to handle broken promises; why does word choice matter; how do we hold people accountable; and why calendars are so important to keep promises.

As one of the foremost expert on promises, Alex Sheen has combined research and philosophy with tactical and actionable steps to help people become more committed. This leadership workshop is interactive and thought-provoking. It is designed to give individuals the necessary tools required to be a person of their word, by learning how promises are made, kept or broken, and most importantly, why.

Attendees will feel the same emotion from the keynote, realize they can be an agent of change and become a better person. This workshop focuses on personal development and therefore becoming a better employees.

As stated by Harvard Business Review, “knowledge and skills can become obsolete within months.” Building a culture of accountability and trust will be essential today, tomorrow and in decades to come. Individual self-improvement is essential for a team’s success. It is important to make your employees realize how improving themselves will help them accept bigger challenges in the organization and to be better leaders.

Each attendee will receive a binder to follow along with, take notes, a package of 10 promise cards, a pen, and a wristband.

As with speaking engagement fees 100% of workshop fees go to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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