What are Chapters?

Because I said I would Chapters empower the next generation to make and keep promises, strengthen their self-control and use it to better the world around them. We accomplish this through character education and volunteerism founded on service learning.

How it starts..

The launch of every high school chapter begins with an assembly. Alex Sheen, Founder of because I said I would shares his journey, promise story and message about personal accountability. By participating in a school wide assembly students have an unique opportunity to meet because I said I would founder Alex Sheen and learn how they can join a chapter. This presentation inspires and encourages students to make and keep their own promises.

If you are ready to start a chapter CLICK HERE

What chapters do?

  • Monthly meetups of students learning Character Education fundamentals like honesty, accountability, sacrifice, and compassion
  • Group Volunteer Projects where students engage the community, offering an opportunity to make and keep promises that better the world they live in
  • Leadership Training that allows students to  develop their abilities and increase their skills in specialized roles as part of the chapter leadership team

Monthly Meetups

Volunteering Project in Action 

Leadership Training

Why Character Education?

According to Character.org, only 36 states specify laws that govern character education in schools.  Only 18 of these states mandate character education. Yet, data from childtrends.org shows teens who volunteer are less likely to become pregnant or to use drugs. Adolescent volunteers are also more likely to have positive academic, psychological, and occupational experiences and have a strong work ethic, volunteer, and vote. 

We are confident that character education with an emphasis on promise keeping and incorporating our Code of Honor will strengthen future generations. We believe there are students that are just one promise away from graduating, helping others, and being leaders in their communities.