The Book

This movement was built from the incredible promises of our supporters and the stories they have shared. As because I said I would has grown, many have suggested that we write a book.

For years we neglected this incredible opportunity for a simple reason: We wanted to first build a program for local chapters of because I said I would. We wanted readers to finish the book and be able to join or start an effort to better the world around them. After all, we are not here for emotional entertainment. Our mission is to better humanity through promises made and kept. We need to provide actionable ways to do that.
Submit your story.

Our local chapters launched in May of 2016. We have been working diligently to improve and prepare this program. When our book is released, we hope that it will inspire thousands around the world to apply to start a because I said I would chapter.

An advanced reader copy of the because I said I would book will be finished on or before December 31st, 2017. That is a promise. It will be a collection of supporters’ promise stories, along with perspective on commitment and how to get better at keeping promises.

How has a promise made, kept or broken affected your life? Many of the promise stories have already been selected, but we have reserved room in the book for stories that may still be out there. If you would like your story to be considered for the book, please submit your story below.

Sharing Your Promise Card or Story
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