Student Advisory Council

Are you a student who embraces the because I said I would message about the importance of a promise?

We are looking for students going into grades 8 – 12 who are passionate about making a difference in their school and community and who would like to help shape the future of because I said I would school chapters.

Selected students will participate via google hangout to discuss their thoughts and ideas on what a because I said I would school chapter might look like. In these google hangout sessions students will be brainstorming, sharing ideas, asking questions, and answering questions from because I said I would staff. These will be fun and engaging meetings. The sessions will be led by our Founder, Alex Sheen, and Dr. Trisha Hernandez, Vice President of Character Education.

We plan meet two times in August, each will last approximately 2 hours (times may need to be adjusted based on number of participants). In addition, the because I said I would staff may reach out to you periodically for your thoughts and opinions about upcoming because I said I would student initiatives. More details for the meetings will follow upon selection.

This is an excellent opportunity to volunteer your time come together with like minded students who believe their school, community, and the world can be a better place through promises made and kept!

Please keep in mind this is on a voluntary basis. Selected participants will receive because I said I would swag as a token of appreciation for participating in two meetings. Students will be selected based on their availability and explanation as to why he or she should be selected.