Pets of because I said I would.

Our pets are our family. They bring us joy, hope, and show us how to love. The staff of because I said I would would like to recognize our wonderful pets and thank them for being there for us as we change the world.

Kimchi Sheen

Dad: Alex Sheen, Founder

Our office dog, Kimchi, is the daughter of our Founder, Alex Sheen. She loves to visit our rooms throughout the day for progress updates and official petting time. Kimchi spends her afternoons snoring on the office couch and dreaming of a world where everyone loved their fellow humans as much as they loved their pets. Kimchi is 12 years old, diabetic and a cancer survivor.

In her spare time, Kimchi enjoys snoozing, giving kisses, bringing each of us toys and cuddling with her mom.

Miska Messer and Rocket Renaldo

Mom: Amanda Messer, Co-Founder

Miska (pronounced Meesh-ka and on the left) means little bear in Russian. It describes this little lovable teddy bear perfectly. Miska is a 7 year old Havanese. We often say that all he knows is love. He loves everyone and everything. His excitement for life is contagious. However, Miska loves no one and nothing more than he loves his bone. He will play fetch for hours. I’m not kidding. If you don’t throw his bone, he will put it on you and cry until you do. It is adorable.

He also loves looking out the window, protecting his family, treats, and, of course, being cute.

Rocket (Rocky for short and on the right) is a Chihuahua/Beagle mix. He loves to cuddle, sit in front a heater, and watch out the window from Mom’s desk. Rocky is a very sweet natured and also loves to be in a baby carrier. No joke. He begs to get in. Rocky spent his first 5 months doing who knows what, who knows where. He had Parvo when we got him but he pulled through like the fighter he is. Now he is right were he belogs; with his older human brother and his older dog brother and sister. He was named Rocket at the shelter we found him at and it just fit – our 10 year old suggested Rocky for short. We are so happy to have him as our second office dog. He is a quiet boy and the perfect companion.

Rocket loves being with his family, chewing on a good toy and playing with his older brother.

Jake and Lily Cartmill

Mom: Julie Cartmill, Executive Assistant for the Founder

Jake and Lily are 11 year old Puggles. They are both rescue dogs who surely rescued their mommy! They are definitely my babies and love to snuggle with me. They also love taking walks, barking at the UPS and Mail men and laying in the sun!

Whenever I come home, they are so excited and go crazy like it has been weeks since they have seen me (even if it was only 5 minutes ago)! They want to be let outside right away, only to come back to the door a few seconds later to get their treat! It doesn’t matter if they have just been outside before I got there, when I come home, they still want to go out because they know they will get more treats!
In the picture, Lily is on the top and Jake is on the bottom.

Moo Perez

Mom: Cassie Perez, Senior Chapter Relationship Manager

My name is Moo and I am 7 years old. My mom rescued me as a young kitten after finding me outside with my brother Milo, who now lives with my grandma. I love being the only child in our house as I do not get along with many other animals.I love sunbathing in the window, and playing with my toy mice ( affectionately called mousies). Sleeping all day and watching birds in the window is another one of my favorite pastimes. I love cuddling and getting spoiled with wet food and treats. Overall I am a happy, fat cat.

Kaleb Baker

Mom: Shannon Baker, Event Manager

I’m a 3 year old, rescue Golden Retriever/ Shepherd mix. I am full of energy and always smiling! I love walks, chasing bunnies and tennis balls, playing with my furry best friends, and I’m obsessed with peanut butter and Dairy Queen ice cream. I don’t like anything peppermint (in fact I stick out my tongue when I smell my mom chewing gum or putting on Burt’s Bees chap stick) and I’m really scared of garbage trucks and school buses. I actively watch TV to look for fellow canines; I bark and go nuts at every dog commercial. I’m a very sweet, playful boy who is lovable and ornery!

Harley Clevenger

Mom: Nicole Clevenger, Program Impact Manager

Harley is a boxer mix with an insatiable appetite for playing tug. One of her most adorable qualities is that she loves to do whatever her humans are doing such as sitting with her feet stretched out on the couch or using her ‘hands’ to pick things up, give hugs or play with her toys. She can jump fences in a single bound and likes to chase our squirrel, affectionately called Larry, around the backyard. After a hard day, Harley can be found on her favorite blanket snoring loudly while maintaining her role as guardian of the land while she sleeps.

Charlie and Chevy Dziak

Mom: Jennifer Dziak, Chapter Relationship Manager

Charlie is an 8 year old furbaby Jennifer received from a friend of the family. She has a genetic skeletal condition which resulted in tiny legs, but she has a big heart! She enjoys bird and squirrel watching and loves to play almost as much as she loves to sleep.

Chevy is a 5 year old American Bulldog/Boxer mix who loves to run! His friends lovingly call him “Forrest Gump” because of this. He also enjoys many other outdoor activities, including camping, swimming, and fetch. Of all the things he likes to do, his favorite of all is cuddling!

Leo and Tug Spatafore

Mom: Kay Spatafore, VP of Character Education

Leo is a kill shelter survivor. He is an outdoors enthusiast and loves to experience running, jumping, and the pursuit of a tennis ball. Leo is the founder of our neighborhood watch program, spending a great deal of each day making sure that everyone is aware of the mailman or other visitors to the neighborhood. In his spare time, this Jack Russell loves to watch TV (Dog Hotel is a fav) and spend time with his family. He is the epitome of lap dog.

Tug is the younger of the two adopted brothers and was referenced by the rescue as a Boston Terrier Mix, which seems to be fairly distant on the family tree. Tug is playful, kind and loves any toy with a squeaker. He is passionate about annoying his big brother and treats. Both of these boys are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and making the world a better place one tail wag at a time.

Jennifer Rick

Dad: Gary Rick, Development Manager

Jennifer (named by her first owner) is more like a dog than a cat. She is 13 years old and still comes when I call her. When she first came to us she was my daughter’s cat until my daughter moved on to college. Jennifer likes to sleep on my lap or my chest whenever she can. She is able to stick out her tongue! She also is not to keen on me journal writing and usually plops down on it so I can’t write and therefore pay attention to her.

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