Pets of because I said I would.

Our pets are our family. They bring us joy, hope, and show us how to love. The staff of because I said I would would like to recognize our wonderful pets and thank them for being there for us as we change the world.

Kimchi Sheen

Dad: Alex Sheen, Founder

Our office dog, Kimchi, is the daughter of our Founder, Alex Sheen. She loves to visit our rooms throughout the day for progress updates and official petting time. Kimchi spends her afternoons snoring on the office couch and dreaming of a world where everyone loved their fellow humans as much as they loved their pets. Kimchi is ten years old, diabetic and a cancer survivor.

In her spare time, Kimchi enjoys snoozing, giving kisses, bringing each of us toys and cuddling with her mom.

Miska Messer

Mom: Amanda Messer, Co-Founder

Miska (pronounced Meesh-ka) means little bear in Russian. It describes this little lovable teddy bear perfectly. Miska is a 5 year old Havanese. We often say that all he knows is love. He loves everyone and everything. His excitement for life is contagious. However, Miska loves no one and nothing more than he loves his bone. He will play fetch for hours. I’m not kidding. If you don’t throw his bone, he will put it on you and cry until you do. It is adorable.

He also loves looking out the window, protecting his family, treats, and, of course, being cute.

Kaleb Baker

Mom: Shannon Baker, Chapter Relationship Manager

I’m a 3 year old, rescue Golden Retriever/ Shepherd mix. I am full of energy and always smiling! I love walks, chasing bunnies and tennis balls, playing with my furry best friends, and I’m obsessed with peanut butter and Dairy Queen ice cream. I don’t like anything peppermint (in fact I stick out my tongue when I smell my mom chewing gum or putting on Burt’s Bees chap stick) and I’m really scared of garbage trucks and school buses. I actively watch TV to look for fellow canines; I bark and go nuts at every dog commercial. I’m a very sweet, playful boy who is lovable and ornery!