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5 Incredible Mom Promises

April Newsletter                                  because I said I would.

Five Incredible Mom Promises.
Moms make a lot of promises. These commitments shape the lives of their children forever. May 8th is Mother’s Day in the United States. In celebration of all of the committed mothers around the world, we share these five incredible promise stories about moms. Share your favorite story on social media with #mompromise.

Mom makes promise after her baby is shaken
Her baby was shaken by a babysitter

A babysitter shook her daughter Claire. They weren’t sure if Claire was going to survive. What this mom does next is incredible… 
There is even proof this mom made the promise in a news interview from 8 years ago!

Watch the incredible 3 min video

She finds the courage to leave & never go back
See her promise

This mom struggled to find the courage to leave an abusive relationship. Her daughter was worried that things were going to change for the worse…so mom made an awesome promise 🙂  

Her son was 15 years old: 6 ft 4in, 243lbs
Gentle giant

Kathy Kocher and her husband John give presentations at school assemblies about water safety. The reason why is heartbreaking.

Stay-at-home mom is brutally honest 
Stay-at-home Mom knows what she needs to do

It’s not easy to admit your own faults, but sometimes it’s the only way we can get better. Hopefully other parents can learn from this suburban mom’s realization and the impact it had on her four kids. 

September 6, 1996 changed their lives forever
Supermom_s promise

A daughter talks about how her mom worked 60 hours a week to make ends meet. How this mom held it together after September 6th, 1996 is truly inspiring. 

Read about what happened that day

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Calendaring: Time Management Pro Tips
Local chapters learn a new topic each month

Our local chapter meetings will discuss a new educational topic each month that relates to the importance of a promise. The topic for The month of May is “Calendaring: Time Management Pro Tips.” 

Those who attend our first meetings in Cleveland, Ohio and Tampa, FL will get this content first, then some of the content will be made available through our website later on. Be sure to open the newsletter email next month to learn these important tips that could make you better at keeping promises!

Learn more about chapter meetings:

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