Denver: Welcome kits for refugees

Refugee children and families have lost everything they know, love, and need to survive and thrive. While the reasons and the regions may vary, the story and desperation are the same. Having fled their home countries and languished in limbo for months, or even years, refugees arrive to the United States with next to nothing.

We helped restart their household by packaging a Welcome Kit with things a family needs.  Our Unified Promise was in partnership with the nonprofit organization, African Community Center of Denver. They help refugees rebuild safe, sustainable lives in Denver through supportive networks of people, service and community activities. The African Community Center of Denver was created in May 2001 beginning with only 3 staff members resettling 60 refugees. They have since grown into a staff of over 50 compassionate employees who serve over 580 refugees, asylees, and secondaries each year!​


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