Teacher Advisory Council

We would like to acknowledge and thank the committee below who volunteered their time and expertise to help create because I said I would Character Education lessons.

Jenifer Hebda Halliday:
  • Credentials: M.Ed.
  • Specialty: Administration, President of Magnificent High School
  • Experience: 16 years of teaching experience.
Matt Petereson:
  • Credentials: RA
  • Specialty: Prevention Specialist
  • Experience: 4H extension coordinator
Justin Zrenner:
  • Credentials: M.Ed Curriculum & Instruction.
  • Specialty: Math
  • Experience: 9 years of teaching experience
Megan Bickett:
  • Credentials: Anticipated MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 2016
  • Specialty: Language Arts & Social Studies
  • Experience: 7 Years of teaching experience
Joseph Bush:
  • Credentials: M.Ed. History.
  • Specialty: Leadership through service
  • Experience: 15 years of teaching experience
Holly Collins:
  • Credentials: M.Ed., R.A.
  • Specialty: Teen Pregnancy Prevention Facilitator
  • Experience: GEAUGA Youth Led Prevention Coordinator
Molly Miely:
  • Credentials: M.Ed. English & Language Arts
  • Specialty: Service-learning Building Leader
  • Experience: 22 years of teaching experience.
Daisy Questell:
  • Credentials: M.A.T.L.
  • Specialty: FBLA District 8 Director
  • Experience: 21 years experience