Starting a Chapter

Start a Chapter

Because I said I would Chapters empower the next generation to make and keep promises, strengthen their self-control and use it to better the world around them. We accomplish this through character education and volunteerism founded on service learning.


We are confident that character education with an emphasis on promise keeping and incorporating our Code of Honor will strengthen future generations. We believe there are students that are just one promise away from graduating, helping others, and being leaders in their communities.

Are you interested in bettering your school? How about the world around you? Then apply right now to begin the process of starting a because I said I would Chapter in your High School.

We are currently starting chapters in High Schools but do accept interest applications for other chapter types.

High School Chapter Requirements:



  • Two committed Teacher Advisors
  • Your Principal’s support


  • A team of 5 Student Leaders
  • Student Leaders attend a day long in-person training
  • Recruit and maintain 30 Chapter members
  • Host 9 one-hour meetups
  • Monthly meetups are held after school 
  • Meetups are open to all students  

Other Requirements: 

  • Host a School Wide Assembly
  • Host an annual fundraiser
  • Complete 4 Volunteer Projects in your school or community

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