Four TED Talks from because I said I would.

TEDxUtica: “because I said I would.”

October 23rd, 2013: Alex Sheen,Because I said I would Founder, Alex Sheen, delivered a TED Talk at TEDxUtica as the closing speaker. This speech Alex talks about how the promise card started and mission of the social movement. Watch the video and share the link:

TEDxYouth@Austin:”What all great superheroes have in common”

February 16th, 2014: Alex Sheen, Founder of because I said I would, delivered a new TED talk on at TEDxYouth@Austin as the closing speaker. In this speech, Alex talks about how the single common ability that binds all superheroes together. Watch the video and share the link:

TEDxSDSU:”Why People Suck at Keeping Promises”

April 26th, 2015: prom·ise /ˈpräməs/ a statement telling someone that you will definitely do something, or that something will certainly happen in the future. In his talk, Alex Sheen explores the science behind making and keeping promises.

TEDxTAMU:”How to Handle Broken Promises”

April 22nd, 2017: Amanda Messer will bring you into her life’s story. She will tell you of her father and how broken promises have impacted her life. Most importantly, she will teach you how you handle YOUR next broken promise.

Alex and Amanda give speeches around the country about the importance of a promise. If you would be interested in sharing the because I said I would message with an audience, please let us know! 

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