Social Impact

Some of the world’s greatest problems could be solved if society just had a greater sense of commitment. We don’t always need miracle solutions; sometimes we just need people to do what they said they were going to do. People quickly snap to the judgment that the solution to our social problems are some technology, education, funding or policy change. But, none of these things can reach their true potential without committed people behind them.

Making an Impact through Programs

1. Programming Resources for Schools and Nonprofits

Schools and nonprofits are in desperate need of programming to keep students and volunteers committed and on track. We provide these programming resources to teach the importance of commitment through a promise.

  • Teachers helping students to graduate
  • Counselors helping clients stay in rehab
  • Nonprofits keeping volunteers engaged

The promise card, paired with because I said I would videos and stories, are invaluable tools for these service providers who work tirelessly to keep people committed, engaged and accountable. Access to and use of these program materials are provided around the world at no cost.
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2. Promise Cards

Built on the foundation of encouraging positive change and acts of kindness, because I said I would sends out ten promise cards to anywhere in the world for free. People use these cards to remember the importance of their word, for promises both big and small. Utilizing the assistance of hundreds of volunteer hours, because I said I would fulfills promise card requests out of our Cleveland, Ohio office. Over 5.46 million promise cards have been sent to over 153 countries.
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3. Charitable Projects

Because I said I would executes charitable projects that inspire others to make promises that better humanity. Projects have helped the victims of Hurricane Sandy, sent children with cancer to Disneyland, supported doctors fighting Ebola and cleaning up after riots in Ferguson, MO.
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4. Speaking at School Assemblies and Nonprofit Events

Alex Sheen, Founder, speaks around the world about the importance of a promise to audiences ranging from large corporations and associations to nonprofits and schools. Because I said I would‘s message is universal and helps increase goal attainment rates, encourages volunteerism and works to improve a culture of accountability in individuals and groups.
Corporations and schools are charged a program fee for a speaker at their event, annual meeting, and conference or leadership institute. 100% of the speaking fees support the movement. Alex speaks at nonprofit events and fundraisers at no cost, saving these nonprofit organizations thousands of dollars better applied to their critical programs. The because I said I would message helps to increase commitment of their supporters, volunteers and employees.
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5. Awareness Campaigns

Imagine if we could inspire people to commit to making promises to better themselves, through the reach of supporter’s promise stories. Through some of our most viral stories, the movement has been shared across the world.
Matthew Cordle killed a man in a drunk driving crash. His promise video acted as his confession as Matt encourages others to not do the same. The video has been played on Good Morning America, TODAY show, CBS This Morning, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, and was featured on BuzzFeed’s list of Most Viral Videos of 2013. This story has surpassed 100 million media impressions. Similarly, Garth Callaghan’s promise to write 826 napkin notes for his daughter received 3 million views in 3 days. His story has been shared on the TODAY Show, The Rachel Ray Show and others. Garth’s message inspires parents to connect with their children.
Additionally, annually, because I said I would hosts a New Year’s Eve project. People from across the world, apply to host a New Year’s promise party at their corporation, school or home. At no cost, because I said I would provides participants, a promise wall, promise cards, host gift, and all of the supplies needed to host their own promise party. According the University of Scranton Journal of Psychology, only 8% of Americans fulfill their New Year’s Resolution. Instead of calling it a New Year’s Resolution, we want to change the name to a “New Year’s Promise” to build greater meaning into this commitment. Over 100 hosts have participated in parties in more than 50 cities since 2013.
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6. Because I said I would Chapters

Chapters are because I said I would’s response to the overwhelming request from around the world, to provide structure, tools and resources to individuals and communities, enabling people to activate the power of promise at home, school or work. These organized regional groups of members… people like you… will make and keep unified promised to better their communities together. Each Chapter will gather to not only fulfill charitable promises as a group, they will also hold each other accountable to their promise as individuals. We are all on a journey to get better and we all need someone to hold us to the fire.
Taking the form of a club, because I said I would chapter members will:

  • Make and keep unified promises as a team to help people and causes in their local community.
  • Improve and refine the practice of keeping promises by learning about how promises and humanity are affected by history, psychology, philosophy and culture. We will also learn practical methods that make us better at keeping promises.
  • Work together as a support group to help members meet their commitments and keep their individual promises.

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